Study in the UK - Freekick Game

Study in the UK - Freekick Game is all about gliding that ball into the goal. Use the spacebar to set the direction, lift, swerve, and power of your shot. Each consecutive goal will bring more obstacles on the pitch for you to dodge during your next attempt, so the game gets progressively more difficult. If you find the back of the net, you'll learn another pop culture fact.

Rating: 3.53 (486 votes) 3.53 out of 5
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akshay  saji (24 January 2015):
bad game Sad
kinster5555 (14 December 2014):
rubbish game
LackadaisicalThunderXD (29 April 2014):
Best score : 4
Alvin7 (15 April 2014):
Easy Game I scored 66 Cool
sarath (30 January 2014):
good game Happy
misiaczek07 (10 April 2013):
Best score was 3 im trying to get 10
007007 (9 April 2013):
it is boring Sad
havoc (8 March 2013):
i got 30 point
Cool  Cool
Liverpool2005 (22 January 2013):
High score : 6   Hmm...
ATK123_ (20 January 2013):
alright but cool Happy
jagathiswaran (4 September 2012):
nice game and stupid game
micahwolf88 (26 August 2012):
best score is 4
micahwolf88 (22 August 2012):
best score is 4
kiiiick47 (7 July 2012):
i dont get bored Cool
kiiiick47 (1 July 2012):
best score is 8 Wave
kiiiick47 (30 June 2012):
best game ever Clap hands  Cool
firth_alexander (28 June 2012):
We might've gone out of the Euro's as a nation, but we've still got aggresion Cool
mikeyschwartz123 (25 June 2012):
this game is fun Cool  Clap hands
ldld (11 June 2012):
Nice Game  Clap hands
--liverpool-- (6 June 2012):
the best defender is da goaly
Clap hands  Clap hands
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