Soccer School

Kick the ball into the skip by bouncing it over and against obstacles. Use the mouse or keyboard to control the direction and power of the kick.

Rating: 3.66 (180 votes) 3.66 out of 5
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sadio101 (17 March 2019):
This takes ages to load  Sad  Sad
Hassan Ibrahim (21 August 2014):
not good Sad
arsenalGalib (18 May 2014):
maxwell1210 (14 March 2014):
its awesome
snm999 (16 February 2012):
a bit hard but good Cool
Lukes Boys :] (7 December 2011):
level 25 hard Hmm...  Sad  @
C.Ronaldo101 (3 December 2011):
Waguan Blad Cant wait for diary of a badman 10
eto-lad123 (30 November 2011):
this game CoOl!
kadenfootball (30 November 2011):
im just going to play this game  Happy
minibee123 (29 November 2011):
its quite kool and fun  Clap hands  Clap hands
humii (28 November 2011):
i like this game really fun yunno Wink
Penalty (28 November 2011):
great game Clap hands  Cool
joeshima (25 November 2011):
ilove this games Wave  Clap hands
Hishaam10 (19 November 2011):
lol cool game i aint played it yet lol wag wan badmans Wave  Wave
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