Powershot Reloaded

Powershot Reloaded is a browser-based game for all of the David Beckham fans out there. Think you have a knack for lobbing long balls through traffic to set up your teammates? Try to give your passes just the right amount of power and height to clear obstacles, including streetlights and dumpsters. If you place the ball near any of your teammates, such as one of the many midget grandmothers on the randomly-generated gameplay maps, they'll help you move the ball forward. The object is to kick the ball as far as possible over five attempts.

Rating: 3.81 (258 votes) 3.81 out of 5
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SharkKillerGamerBoy (24 July 2020):
not bad ok game
Rohit Raj (14 August 2014):
Distance 66669 Hmm...
jackmchale (7 March 2014):
I got    2307   Cool  Happy
callum4595 (7 March 2014):
high score 17785 Wink  Clap hands
philasande (11 May 2013):
this game is 4 losers Cool
fergus10 (18 April 2013):
My score was 796
rob (17 September 2012):
good game me like it.
HAMMAD AHMED (22 August 2012):
good and bad game Cool  Sad
korey66 (8 June 2012):
grrrr hate it.
Arsenal901 (29 May 2012):
badest game ever
Taddei (10 January 2012):
The game stinks Sad
juwon8 (22 December 2011):
i got 81000 but bad game  Hmm...
juwon8 (20 December 2011):
ive got 6779
gofootball (20 December 2011):
I made it to 6028 beat that Happy  Wink  Cool
hamizjk (8 December 2011):
good game Cool
Adamski791 (4 December 2011):
I am a superstar my score was 8735 Clap hands  Happy
mo200110 (1 December 2011):
it is very funny
Penalty (1 December 2011):
not bad  Sad  might like it one time Hmm...
craig byrne (17 November 2011):
bad game  Sad
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