The Champions 07

Bring back Kaka's days with AC Milan while you play The Champions 07. This 3 vs 3 full-pitch game is much simpler than others of its kind. Use the directional arrows to move your players. "X" is used for passing, and "C" is used for shooting. In this game, it's not very difficult to drill the ball into the net from a long distance, since the keeper has a slow reaction time. Consistent passes will make for some easy open-field sprinting as you carry the ball into the danger zone.

Rating: 3.78 (248 votes) 3.78 out of 5
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THE CHAMPIONS 07 - Comments:
fergus10 (19 April 2013):
Me (Milan) 4-3 Them (Liverpool) 47062 points
bestgk (8 April 2013):
6-0 1st time
Wave  Wave
Jibril8765 (31 March 2013):
i like this game it is the best game i played so far
rooy3008 (20 March 2013):
won 5-1 first time  Cool
xXxLFC43V3RxXx (12 March 2013):
Good game I won 4-0. Played 4 the 1st time
manchestercity (19 May 2012):
cool game waste teams rate it 4/5
abhinav (20 February 2012):
it`s a nice game Happy  Happy  Happy
Jake5Safc (5 February 2012):
Great Game! Clap hands
lebanon123 (30 May 2011):
alright game i won 4-2  with liverpool
Mpho100 (20 April 2011):
so cool
rma (2 April 2011):
lol its ok
c.ronaldo23 (11 February 2011):
little  fun
goku214 (24 December 2010):
good normal Wink  Hmm...
nealsean (10 December 2010):
boring Sad
hakeem4567890 (8 August 2010):
i love this game
tazzila (25 July 2010):
kool i give it a 2 nahh a 7
johnny1982 (15 July 2010):
i won 5-2 with liver pool
shahmuhaimin900 (27 May 2010):
shame on these ac milan geasers i was liverpool and i won 6-0 Clap hands
Haroon66112 (6 April 2010):
I keep scoring,but AC Milan keep winning. Sad  Hmm...
domz (27 March 2010):
easy and crap
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