Football Launch

The goal is to reach the end of the game. Use your mouse to aim and kick the ball. Earn cash to buy upgrades.

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yasbadman (9 February 2014):
easy am only 41
bajancanadian40 (9 February 2014):
this is easy
ailen55 (6 February 2014):
esseeja did you do it?
Erm.. difficult NO!
footballcrazy123 (2 February 2014):
what a game Cool  @  Clap hands
tomgoerge9 (3 April 2013):
funny noises
chelseabest1239 (23 February 2013):
fun game
nathanial115 (21 February 2013):
best game ever(  Wave  Wave
Esseeja (20 February 2013):
I won. 277238 length 73274 height
Esseeja (20 February 2013):
jack9860 (17 February 2013):
Love it  Clap hands
willy (17 February 2013):
best game
kieron the captain (5 February 2013):
i completed it all in 30 minutes  Happy
Seibert Soccer 3 (2 February 2013):
i wasted my time for the "secret upgrade" and it was a video  Hmm... . waste of my life
hockw001 (28 January 2013):
this is a crap game its wast of time
Sad  Sad
omardib (20 January 2013):
the way they ended the game was bad
calebisthedon (1 January 2013):
this is the best game EVER  Cool  Cool  Clap hands
in one go with everything unlocked my best distance was 91784 and the amount of money i got was 871436

beat THAT!!! Happy  Happy  Wave
Manu is cool (1 January 2013):
the best length I did was 62605 Happy  Happy  Happy  also great game Happy
ant1906 (30 December 2012):
this game is bloody hilarious
Vidal13 (27 December 2012):
El Shaarawhy i didn't beat you in lenght but in height:5909 eheh you're the best but me too @
arsenal guy (23 December 2012):
Great Game
Clap hands
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