Football Launch

Get addicted to kicking long balls with Football Launch, a game that will keep you around for hours of fun. Click your left mouse button to angle and power your kicks as you try to carry your balls as far as possible. The greater the distance it rolls, the more points you will have to spend in the store on items like new boots, propellers for the ball, smoother turf, and point multipliers. See if you can collect 100 medals to unlock a secret upgrade. Beware of the needles in the ground. Click on your ball to "Ole" jump, or roll onto an object buried in the ground to receive a boost.

Rating: 4.30 (748 votes) 4.30 out of 5
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FootballKing12442 (19 October 2020):
Length 73122 Height 102321
JK9 (10 April 2020):
Why do i love this so much lol
gosho (17 March 2020):
I got 553133$ in one run and my record is 597645m my best height is 5575m
dillonmad3 (13 November 2016):
best game
Groot Jr. (1 April 2016):
I got $166101 in one run
adaskarol (2 January 2016):
A relly funny game Cool I look cool
ferriguain9797 (30 December 2015):
Length 37092 Heigth 4916 Happy  Wave  Wave
ferriguain9797 (30 December 2015):
13854 max points 243 max height
adaskarol (30 August 2015):
won tow time
adaskarol (24 August 2015):
my best is 10000986
adaskarol (24 August 2015):
DAINGER DAINGER in this game
TheMonster (6 July 2015):
Game Complete  Clap hands  Clap hands
cameron690 (14 May 2015):
completed too easy done in 10 minutes
billystar_init22 (10 May 2015):
Clap hands  Clap hands yes game developer Happy
Craggypants (2 April 2015):
its ok   Hmm...  Hmm...
poudel kusal (1 February 2015):
perfect game lol  Happy  Wink  Cool
Bestiuta (8 January 2015):
Nice game
IRULERX (3 January 2015):
vishnu satheesh (23 December 2014):
Super Game  Wave loved it Wink
profooty45 (22 December 2014):
did this game in 8 minutes and 55 seconds beat that
Wave  Wave
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