Field Hockey

You have one minute to score as many goals as you can. Move player with the mouse, left click to take a shot.

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FIELD HOCKEY - Comments:
tottenhamhotspur (14 June 2016):
i am an under 18 england field hockey keeper in real life Happy #ivan tipple
HASHIM 123 (3 June 2014):
nice game
LOL scored 2000 points LOL  Clap hands  Clap hands
footballmad37 (26 January 2014):
I have never played it before so don't laugh because I loose
doger (22 April 2013):
i love hockey infinty beond
Alex3 (12 April 2013):
willy (10 February 2013):
good game
cammyo236 (6 February 2013):
lame, i, never gonna play it again  Sad  
cv5946 (26 September 2012):
this is so E-Z-AI Cool
Justin Chabot (22 September 2012):
I got like 8th
marshall (6 June 2012):
good game
mrshowstopper (3 June 2012):
moomen57 (28 May 2012):
d6621 (18 February 2012):
it is awsome  Clap hands  Happy   Wink
kionte (16 February 2012):
iknow it's the best game ever right
johncenafan1 (6 February 2012):
soccer the best sport in the world Happy  Clap hands
barca v gooners (29 January 2012):
700 and10/10
fred1507790 (8 January 2012):
Cool good game Clap hands
Demoman (2 January 2012):
Ive scored (Kaunas Zalgiris) 700 Cool
don20 (29 December 2011):
wiked game and i DONT regret sayin tat Cool  Cool
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