Football Training

Can you place a ball like Cesc Fabregas in Football Training? Wait until the golf cart carrying the target passes. Assess the strength and direction of the wind and click somewhere ahead of the moving golf cart to time your pass accurately. Each attempt will earn you 20 XP, but hitting the target will earn you at least 100 XP. As you collect XP, you'll level up. Consecutive accurate passes will earn you bonus points. How fast can you reach level 10? Football Training is a game of focus and persistence.

Rating: 3.70 (115 votes) 3.70 out of 5
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hyu88 (13 April 2013):
its hard but fun
good boy alex (16 February 2013):
hi mate cool  Wink
Diamond Jubilee (12 January 2013):
This Game Is HARD Wave
abziscool264 (3 September 2012):
this is hard game  Wave
rossco2002 (23 December 2011):
i scord 100
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