Very exciting football shootout game. Pick your team and help them win the cup with your precise volleys and headers. Move your player with the mouse, when the ball comes close enough to you click the left mouse button to shoot. If the ball is high, plyer will jump and try to make a header. If the ball is low, player will try to kick it with foot.

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DKICKER - Comments:
mustafashurkian11 (14 February 2015):
man u are awsome evronton stinks Cool  Cool  Cool
kevingoku231 (14 February 2015):
poudel kusal (27 January 2015):
i won many times. its a cool game  Happy  Wink
goonerex (21 January 2015):
Newcastle Utd 2-1
Southhampton 2-0
Chalton Athletics 2-1
Aston Villa 2-1
Chelsea 2-1
Cescfabregas (11 January 2015):
sweet game training is pretty good too Wave  Wave
poudel kusal (2 January 2015):
nice game  Happy  Wink  Cool
Cescfabregas (30 December 2014):
ace game im ok
poudel kusal (27 November 2014):
perfect game i won it many time  Happy  Wink  Cool  
coolman55 (22 November 2014):
dis rules!!
Cristian77 (13 November 2014):
Ezay one all the cups Clap hands  Happy  Cool
falcao (10 November 2014):
AWESOME !!! Cool  Cool  Cool
bojidar2003 (22 October 2014):
i like this game Clap hands  Clap hands
balazs (21 October 2014):
Won lots of times!!

Mostly with Santos(Brazilian Cup)

Favourite teams: Real madrid
Cescfabregas (28 September 2014):
sick game sweet Cool
falcao (27 September 2014):
awsome amazing ah ha ha ha ha
geornicols (18 August 2014):
qassem60 (7 August 2014):
iam won with spain
coolman55 (3 August 2014):
This is the coolest game on earth...........................
EvertonRocks123 (10 June 2014):
who even made this game Hmm...  Hmm...
EvertonRocks123 (6 June 2014):
The goalie is like the flashes  2nd cousin Happy  Happy
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