Pinball Football

Line up your shot and kick a goal while collecting tons of bonus points from the bumpers and flippers. Use arrow keys to control the flippers.

Rating: 3.81 (243 votes) 3.81 out of 5
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lincolncity123 (24 August 2012):
ALRIGHT GAME Hmm...  Hmm...
baggio (7 August 2012):
Cool, but i like other games more Hmm...
GOAL_KEEPER#1 (29 June 2012):
It's ok could be better Hmm...
angelch (21 June 2012):
hard and boring game @
lionelmessie (11 June 2012):
boring. just like pinball but worse.
Sergio Kun Aguero (3 June 2012):
great game very fun too Happy
Manu is cool (18 January 2012):
high score was 138083 Cool
Fagbemi (13 December 2011):
Nice games to play
I love online football game
Chant about how cool the game is
Everyone can win a game
baitsy (12 June 2011):
ok but to easy
Kaká;-D (10 June 2011):
mendez753 (8 June 2011):
boring!! Sad
Ronaldo78Kaka (8 June 2011):
i don like this game  Sad
mckenzie12345 (2 June 2011):
swagga i <3 this game
matthew0609 (31 May 2011):
pinball is my faverouite Happy  Cool
MAN UTD FOREVER (30 May 2011):
wicked buut can get quit teedius when u play it for 15 mins but  challenging
Manas (29 May 2011):
boring..... Sad  Sad  Sad
America55913 (29 May 2011):
its an alright game.  Wink  Cool
MAN UTD FOREVER (29 May 2011):
awesome game man play it 5 stars
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