Street Football

Playing football in the street is great experience but what if it's a busy road and there's a lot of cars going past?
It can be extremely dangerous!
Wanting to experience that feeling of adrenaline rising up in your body?
Click on the PLAY button.

P.S. Please Donít Try This At Home! :)

Rating: 3.20 (419 votes) 3.20 out of 5
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jimboldinho26 (7 September 2012):
I got knocked over but the car was the one that scored for Clap hands
i love brighton (3 August 2012):
got knocked over but won 2-0 great game 6/10
mjra (26 January 2012):
got knocked down but won 1-0
Drogba 11 (27 May 2011):
Easy !! Wave
vidler1999 (26 May 2011):
Great Game Happy
shadow11 (21 May 2011):
goal 100-0 than car ran over me
no.1 liverpool fan (15 May 2011):
not very good  Sad  Sad  Sad
razorgaff007 (7 May 2011):
car scores 3 againsts me and then decides to run me over Hmm...
razorgaff007 (7 May 2011):
cant leave comment i died by a car lols Cool
dumbodumbo (5 May 2011):
Hmm... I got hit by a car twice Hmm...  Hmm...
dan miller (3 May 2011):
yeaaa i come fron africaaaa
milton890 (3 May 2011):
I WON 2-0 Wave  Wave
manunited123 (30 April 2011):
jakebarber6194 (29 April 2011):
i won 1 0
JDBUGPROEXTREME (27 April 2011):
9-8 @
jake... (22 April 2011):
first car come and runs over me Sad *dead*
soccerlegend (22 April 2011):
this game is great (21 April 2011):
very cool
bantams (19 April 2011):
never ends Wink  Cool
maslah17 (18 April 2011):
let's have some fun Cool  Happy  Wink
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