American Football

While in THROWING STAGE use your mouse to aim and click the left button on the colored circles to pass the ball. If the circle is green then the runner is free (this should be your first choice), if the circle is yellow the runner is also free but itís a risky catch.
While in RUNNING STAGE, click SHOW to make extra score, AVOID to elude, RAM to charge opponents.

Rating: 3.76 (1578 votes) 3.76 out of 5
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tristiano (4 October 2016):
this game is awsome to me but chelselampard is right he is a beast
GDF (23 September 2016):
Too Easy
ChelseaLampard6 (8 May 2015):
the black guy in the second left in short 4 in the snakes is BEAST
Clap hands
Bossmonster10 (17 March 2015):
this is the best game Cool  Cool
the wicked boy (25 January 2015):
looks cool
kajus525 (18 January 2015):
This is the best game i have played in my football games ! Cool  Clap hands
coolman55 (9 January 2015):
pretty good
coolman55 (7 December 2014):
gvy40422 (13 November 2014):
For all you guys saying american football is so fun you should play it in real-life.
catswillpwn (17 August 2014):
why is it so easy?  Sad  Sad
akingsley1 (15 August 2014):
cool game
lmlj1000 (2 June 2014):
Sweet game Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
Dj Calve 23 (28 March 2014):
This game is AWSOME!! Clap hands  Happy
Ishanyaishu (25 March 2014):
I like this fine  Wink  
G-Money2 (21 March 2014):
btw cool
hades123456 (11 March 2014):
hi victore123
Gofootballforever (9 March 2014):
cool game Cool  Clap hands  @
balazs (5 March 2014):
never new american football was so fun Cool
NinerNiner (22 February 2014):
AWESOME!!! I never thought American Football can be so fun Happy  Clap hands  Wave
bigyoshifan (14 February 2014):
greatest game ever  Happy  Cool
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