SpeedPlay World Soccer

Use your mouse to move your player and play the game.
When player is off the ball press the mouse button to slide tackle or change player.
When player has the ball use the mouse button to pass or shoot towards cursor target.

Rating: 4.22 (2298 votes) 4.22 out of 5
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titas (11 June 2014):
love this game Clap hands
renshaw (6 June 2014):
1st time plyed won 24-0 come on england Happy
yamin34 (31 May 2014):
i rock ,none of the teams scored against me! Happy  Clap hands
EvertonRocks123 (22 May 2014):
sooo easy it was  11-0 in the final
but still a fun game   Happy
ismailhussain (20 April 2014):
how do you play this
ronaldo07077 (7 April 2014):
I am the champ I won in the finals 3-1 against spain!!!
TyEifert85 (13 March 2014):
I am taking on Spain again in the final
TyEifert85 (13 March 2014):
i won 5-0 united states
TyEifert85 (12 March 2014):
I beat all the teams and won the final Germany 3 Netherland 0 Clap hands  Clap hands  
TyEifert85 (10 March 2014):
i lost to spain in final 3-1 Sad
zappyman (15 February 2014):
great game
England 12-4 Uraguay
England 4-3 Italy
to be continued in a week
zappyman (15 February 2014):
Jake202 (10 February 2014):
GOOD GAME Clap hands
Bellaj (7 February 2014):
Never played this Hmm...
Pragyan (20 January 2014):
I was portugal and lasted till finals but I lost against Spain Sad .Man that was bad
stef20042002 (8 May 2013):
me greece won koria rebublic 10/0
Filip02 (5 May 2013):
Serbia-Ghana 6-0(2-0)
Serbia-Germany 4-1(3-1)
Serbia-Australia 2-0(2-0)
I was first in my group.Than...:
Serbia-England 4-0(4-0)
Serbia-France 5-1(6-1)
Serbia-Spain 2-1 (0-0),(1-1) extra time
Serbia-Brazil 2-1(0-1)
I'm the winner
footy man lol (5 May 2013):
i won every game  Wave
edoorules (4 May 2013):
this game doesn't even pause and the goalies don't even move i don't think i like this game but i still won 2-1
stef20042002 (27 April 2013):
in my first game i won .And i won again and again.I'm the best Wave  Happy
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