Free Kick Fusion

Free Kick Fusion is a popular online multiplayer free kick game. Play single player first, learn how to play good enough and then you can enter the multiplayer mode and challenge people from all over the world. Play Free Kick Fusion Now!

NOTE: Only Single Player Works!!!

Rating: 4.12 (7906 votes) 4.12 out of 5
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abesOdC (1 May 2017):
Haha, what are some of you people even talking about? Some of you are saying you got to level "20", "39" and "50". There's only 10 levels.
momo07 (29 January 2017):
so hard Sad  Sad
mojtaba.eslami (28 October 2016):
hi my name is mojtaba i like this game awsowme
mojtaba.eslami (28 October 2016):
good game
sanchez37 (24 October 2014):
i got to level   50
mehraz (17 October 2014):
level 20 nobody can beat that
mehraz (17 October 2014):
one of the best games ever
LackadaisicalThunderXD (11 May 2014):
Great game I won 2 lost 2 Clap hands
davidi123 (24 April 2014):
good game Cool
ronaldo07077 (7 April 2014):
awesome game
Cool  Cool
CraigFarrell (4 April 2014):
level 39 Happy  Happy
drakeFire (7 February 2014):
level 20 !!!
goldz predatorz (30 April 2013):
epic awl game  Cool
XJAWS (24 April 2013):
Cool  Cool beast of a game
chowy8 (2 April 2013):
this game is alright, however its annoying... Sad  Hmm...
shahan13 (31 March 2013):
i scored 124 goals  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
emmanuel619 (22 March 2013):
scored 3 100 goals in 3 shots clap for that guy Clap hands  Happy  Wave
leedsunitedfan (20 March 2013):
100 goal amazing beat that Wave  Clap hands
leedsunitedfan (19 March 2013):
no i am darksider Wave
fionn6767 (11 March 2013):
Really good game Wink  But i terrible at it!
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