Pet Soccer

Animals can play football too - or at least they can in Pet Soccer! Trot around the field with the directional arrows to control your small pet. Knock the ball into the goal like Shinji Kagawa. Then return to the center line to restart gameplay. If you'd prefer playing against a friend, rather than the CPU, start a two-player match. The second player can use the "W," "A", "S," and "D" keys to control his team of three pets. Are you all bark and no bite? Put your paws to the pitch and tap that ball goalward to prove yourself!

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PET SOCCER - Comments:
minus (17 March 2017):

mahdimod (8 March 2017):
Cats 20 - 0 Dogs 1st leg
volcanow (3 November 2015):
III WOOONNN 13-1 Cool  Cool  Clap hands
Bingo5656 (29 December 2014):
i won 14-0
Bingo5656 (28 December 2014):
too easy i beat  dogs 10-0
Tarun_cena (26 December 2014):
nice and easy
fcxc jr (16 November 2014):
39-0! Happy   Cool  Cool
EvertonRocks123 (22 October 2014):
17 dogs and 0 cats
not saying that i don't like cats, just that i like dogs a lot more Clap hands  Clap hands
catfech77 (10 October 2014):
i wwwooonnn aggaaiiinnn!!! dog team 6-cat team 0
catfech77 (10 October 2014):
i wwooonnn!!! cat team 12-dog team 2
xbot200 (14 August 2014):
15-0 on hard!  Happy easy game
Cool  Cool
pele10 (13 May 2014):
won 11-0
ghetto_Symphony (29 April 2014):
first game 15-0 second game hard 5-4 close call last min gooool  Clap hands  Wave
djfrizo (7 April 2014):
I Won 15-1  Happy  Happy BEST GAME! Cool (jk)
zabycool (25 March 2014):
i won 11-2 in this match
zabycool (25 March 2014):
i love this game Cool  Clap hands
awsomeray6 (15 March 2014):
Happy  Happy so fun
Celticmaster67 (9 March 2014):
9-1 3rd try COOOLL GAME Wave
Dax12345 (4 March 2014):
Cool game I scored 30 goals!!!  Cool
Bellaj (2 March 2014):
if you think cats rule give me a smile
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