Free Kick Simulator

To set the direction of your free kick use the mouse from left to right. Move the target around the ball, where you click to set the target will decide the height and spin of your freekick, just like you were kicking a real football. Enjoy Free Kick Simulator!

Rating: 3.55 (232 votes) 3.55 out of 5
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SharkKillerGamerBoy (23 July 2020):
japanese i dont sbeak bad launguage
CokeBoyMed (23 April 2014):
Worst game i have seen @  Sad
aaron messi (21 March 2013):
confused about this game  Hmm...
cristiano2323 (13 January 2013):
its china
cristiano2323 (13 January 2013):
5 level :D:D
chowy (12 December 2012):
Oh my this game is terrible.Sad
ronaldo657 (22 September 2012):
what language is that Hmm...
pinkyoshi (25 June 2012):
bad game plus its pretty hard to read chineese/japeenees words when i speak english.  @  Sad
lasertag202 (10 June 2012):
horrible Hmm...  @
fabian14 (2 June 2012):
5 level
SCREAMERRR (2 June 2012):
hate it

man utd are ace (10 May 2012):
i dont like the game
Liverpoolrule554 (22 December 2011):
dumbest game ever
adamgstar78652 (12 June 2011):
wat a dumb game cant even understand it Sad  Sad
C.RoNaLdO 13 (9 June 2011):
Clap hands   Clap hands  Awesome
Anis575 (25 May 2011):
i like this game
fleetz (18 March 2011):
no there not
bogeyman10 (19 February 2011):
the free kicks are easier than the penalties
waffles1112 (5 February 2011):
Clap hands good game but only two levels Hmm...
jc999 (2 July 2010):
only weent 2 leevels Happy
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