Midfield Master

Midfield Master it's very nice football game where you are going to play the role of offensive midfielder and your mission is to make good passes in the match. How do you do that?
1. Click on the GO button
2. Click and hold the left mouse button, on some of your teammates and adjust your pass precision with the red bar. More your 'release left button' is close to the middle of the red bar more your pass will be accurate.
Can look complicated at first, but actually it is quite simple, and fun! :)

Rating: 4.04 (815 votes) 4.04 out of 5
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AdfDf (11 August 2016):
I won as Nigeria Happy  Wave  Wave
AdfDf (11 August 2016):
Good game Wave  Happy
adaskarol (30 August 2015):
esey i won the finale with brsile
Bingo5656 (27 December 2014):
i beat Germany 5-0
Bingo5656 (27 December 2014):
love it know sorry
Ronaldofan2001 (19 October 2014):
I won with England!  Happy
TheTrickyTree (24 September 2014):
epic game Clap hands  Cool
Hassan Ibrahim (21 August 2014):
i won with brazil5-0final argentina Cool
simo96 (21 May 2014):
you google2698 do not boost about yourself so much
google2698 (9 March 2014):
i m the champion of all games and  this tooo... Clap hands
footballcrazy123 (9 February 2014):
i all ways win Happy  Cool
chrish44 (8 February 2014):
good game Cool
conormcfall11 united (19 January 2014):
went as australia won every game it is very easy Clap hands
Bent789 (9 May 2013):
Good game,a bit easy though  Clap hands  Clap hands  Wink
WaterCrazyNova (5 May 2013):
"This is Englands chance to win the cup...Rooney shots AND SCOORRREEES!!!  Clap hands  Clap hands What a win.. what a victory!!"
ethanpollitt11 (4 May 2013):
won as england 2-0v holland in the final
Bainsey3 (28 April 2013):
Final = England 4 - 0 Spain WOOHOO  Happy
crazybro11 (26 April 2013):
Happy love this game!
spiderman123 (16 April 2013):
godd game Clap hands
mustaqim (9 April 2013):
i won 5-0 in final vs england Hmm...  Clap hands
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