FIFA World Cup Match It

FIFA World Cup Match It is for fans of both Mahjong and football. Point and click on matching tiles to eliminate them from your game board. Each time you eliminate a pair, your game clock will restore a few seconds and add points to your score. The larger the distance between two matching tiles, the more points you will gain. Some of the matching tiles that are too far apart will not allow you to designate them as matches. Try removing a few more pairs on the board to clear a more direct path between such matching tiles to enable their swift removal.

Rating: 3.71 (239 votes) 3.71 out of 5
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gabriel101003 (24 August 2014):
tooo easy  Cool  Cool
fergus10 (15 April 2013):
My high score in number 1 is 2,565
My high score in number 2 is 415
Cristiano.Ronaldo7 (19 March 2013):
thisis legand
spownall (1 March 2013):
hi at is cool hot
willy (19 February 2013):
good game
kevin boy (19 September 2012):
the world's crapest game i ever played am i right engaland4478
shepherd (1 August 2012):
this game is rubbish and WELL EASY i comleted it
Arklow united FC (15 January 2012):
This game is rubbish  and too easy i completed mod1/2 in a few second's
wullbissett (17 December 2011):
quite bad  Hmm... (24 May 2011):
Like this game
bruno14 (22 May 2011):
GREAT GAME but boring Sad  Clap hands  Clap hands
jakebarber6194 (18 April 2011):
hovo how do you play
ahmed72 (31 March 2011):
the worst game iever seen Hmm...  Wave  Sad
Hovo (16 March 2011):
Good game!Very  good game!I like this game! Clap hands
Israel A (17 December 2010):
this game is so borin but its kind of cool Clap hands  Sad
mateo1111 (14 December 2010):
uau it is a very beautiful game
tomahawk (4 December 2010):
what are you supposed to do
salemnaldo (4 December 2010):
boring Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...
kesh (4 December 2010):
shyatsz (4 December 2010):
ok,good games Clap hands
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