Free Kick Specialist

Become a Free Kick Specialist in this easy-to-play, cursor-clicking game. Simply click to determine the angle, height, curve, and power of your shot. Can you score ten goals in ten shots to best the records of pros like Andrea Pirlo? Your early chances may seem as easy as a shot at an open goal, but when the defenders start crowding the penalty box, you'll find yourself devising new strategies to get your shots beyond the goalie. This very simple game will develop your free kicks until you've got them mastered.

Rating: 3.59 (301 votes) 3.59 out of 5
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x (31 January 2017):
really bad
Rooney leg (28 February 2014):
me and my friend Rio are the best at this game!
Rooney leg (11 February 2014):
Funny as
King Vanpersie (28 May 2013):
5/10. Hophely ill get better.Last year i was a champion at it.
kcx2 (3 December 2012):
yungboy (25 November 2012):
y did u have to call yoself 888? Hmm...
scatt (4 October 2012):
love basketball
ronaldo657 (22 September 2012):
this game is on facebook
MESSI_ROCKS (21 August 2012):
7/10 Happy good game!
pinkyoshi (13 June 2012):
to easy!! fun though Clap hands  Clap hands
fabian14 (1 June 2012):
I scored 6 goals
jyu16 (17 February 2012):
Score 4
tottenham123 (11 February 2012):
i always play this Happy  Clap hands  Hmm...
messi rocks (8 February 2012):
unfair never scored once Sad
sirloljosh (11 December 2011):
my bro made it
jam02 (18 November 2011):
its well annoyin n hard i scored 1  Sad  but im crap lol
joshaplop123 (18 November 2011):
Clap hands good game
yusuf8888 (6 June 2011):
10 /10
Loinelmessi (3 June 2011):
Raynur (28 May 2011):
Cool  Cool sick game bov Wave
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