Running Back Attack

Carry the pigskin from the backfield and dodge traffic to put the ball in the end zone before time runs out in Running Back Attack. Drag your mouse around to avoid tacklers. If you score six points, add one more to the scoreboard by chipping in an extra point kick with a click of the left mouse button. In Running Back Attack, you can put Jamaal Charles to shame, unless the defensive traffic slows you down. If you fall short of the end zone three times, your gig as a starting player will be over. Each game gets progressively more difficult with more defenders chasing you and more difficult extra point kicks.

Rating: 3.96 (250 votes) 3.96 out of 5
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Groot Jr. (1 April 2016):
I have the highest score. 2200. My initials are JBL
sports4life (3 August 2015):
just got the high score people Cool  Wave  Happy  I am boss better then all of yall
LiverPool Man (28 January 2014):
I won and got first place I won the superbowl Wave  Wave  Clap hands
boob (21 January 2014):
3100 high score Happy  Wink
lebron123boss (3 May 2013):
this is fun
rangerboy54321 (28 April 2013):
I'm Ben, I Have The Lead!!!  Happy
CHRISBECERRA (2 April 2013):
like this game Cool  Cool
moneyboy21 (5 February 2013):
love it Happy  Cool  Clap hands
YUSUF_121 (21 January 2013):
rangerboy54321 (14 January 2013):
20 superbowls in a row! Wink
jordon99 (12 January 2013):
my score was on the top ten 2100 Clap hands  Clap hands
knathansabine (14 December 2012):
i  love it
Clap hands
jordan awsome (30 September 2012):
im superbowl champion Clap hands  Cool
DJmaster (27 August 2012):
im a beast at dis game
yousaf8 (8 August 2012):
i got 9,1090 you cant beat that cant you hahaha Happy  Wink
Jaelmexico (27 July 2012):
Try to beat my highscore 3450 Happy  Cool  Clap hands
messi2345 (22 July 2012):
good game i love it

  Clap hands
Gerbil (20 June 2012):
Clap hands  Cool number one  Clap hands
man-man (18 June 2012):
i am the best at madden 12 Clap hands  Clap hands  Cool
Swagg Nation (11 June 2012):
got the highest score (J.T)
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