What a Goal

Glentoran vs Portdown 92nd min Carling premiership 5th October 2010.
The 24-year-old Glentorans player Matty Burrows scores the 'goal of the season'.

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WHAT A GOAL - Comments:
me (14 March 2016):
like a boss Happy  Happy
Alex Dolla $ (25 January 2015):
that was an awesome goal! Clap hands
EvertonRocks123 (2 January 2015):
jmwrighty777 do u think u could do that!
Bingo5656 (26 December 2014):
no one can beat that especially Ronaldo  Happy
jmwrighty777 (28 September 2014):
not better than ibrahimovic overhead kick from 40  yds vs England for sweden
footballcrazy123 (1 May 2014):
not the best but wow Clap hands
supermessi101 (14 April 2014):
what a finish in the net. Clap hands
mymatthew (8 March 2014):
Hmm... i think so that was many better goals than that
Stewart swagzz (25 February 2014):
he chiped it i'm better fam i sqored against my dad and he used  to  be a football player in ghana guys
lojoshua1234 (6 February 2014):
that is a goal  Happy
NinerNiner (1 February 2014):
A Sort of Stunner  Wink
BETTER (22 January 2014):
Good goal but not brilliant goal!  Wink
Nana24 (27 April 2013):
nice one Clap hands  Clap hands  Wave
jack11chelsea fc (17 April 2013):
zlatan ibrahimovic did that at world cup 2006 and it was better than that
ArmenianBoy (11 April 2013):
NICE GOAL  Happy  Clap hands
kilo123 (9 March 2013):
i think david becham's goal from halfway is better Hmm...
zidane2002 (8 March 2013):
i know how to do it just need to get it a bit more powerful
manchester united rule (27 February 2013):
tim howords goal is wwwaaayyy better than that!!! Happy  Happy
kingkieran15 (26 February 2013):
was not that good Hmm...  Sad
EL SHAARAWY 92 (23 February 2013):
wat a goal noting can beat dat
Cool  Clap hands  Happy
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