Sports Heads - Tennis

10 matches, first to 7 wins! Move with the arrow keys, jump with the UP key, swing with the space bar. The ball can only bounce on your side once. If it bounces twice the other player gets a point.

Rating: 4.11 (460 votes) 4.11 out of 5
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yah. (31 January 2021):
liverbird1 (19 June 2016):
love every sports heads game
RDX (17 November 2015):
soo easy GAME !!! I WON  Clap hands  Clap hands
beast567 (11 October 2015):
easy i won the game  Cool  Cool  Cool
kidsarecool (24 December 2014):
game is ok can win 1 match but no more
Aryaan14 (31 May 2014):
awesome game
Yassin Amr (26 May 2014):
very good game Clap hands  Wave
easy2013 (20 April 2014):
Never played but is amazing Clap hands
EvertonRocks123 (8 April 2014):
pretty good Wink
Sable (16 February 2014):
lost 7 2 sooooo hard but dont know what i think of it
tigersilly (24 January 2014):
this game is  Cool  Cool
SPY@ttacker24286 (18 January 2014):
can't get the point of it   Hmm...
massep (9 May 2013):
good game Clap hands
KADOT99 (5 May 2013):
cool game Cool
bryanhandsome777 (5 April 2013):
so hard Hmm...  Wink  
cool calven (21 March 2013):
good game
boofudge123 (6 February 2013):
funy and cwl Cool  Happy
mcena (30 January 2013):
i love the sport head games Clap hands  Wave  Cool
Yazid2911 (25 January 2013):
Clap hands  Clap hands
Awesome Game.
ronald7 (21 January 2013):
worst game ever  Sad
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