Paul the Octopus

Paul the Octopus, who shot to fame during the 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa for correctly predicting the outcome of eight matches, is here to test your knowledge of the winners of the important international football matches. Can you remember who won?

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RedxMAK (24 August 2019):
I Got 31.
packers101 (5 September 2016):
i am awsome Clap hands  Clap hands
packers101 (5 September 2016):
i think i am good  Sad  Sad
adaskarol (29 November 2015):
This game reminds me of octodad the game
adaskarol (29 November 2015):
Cool cool game
GoGunners2003 (18 August 2015):
34 first time noo lie Cool  Cool  
DEAL WITH IT!!! Cool  Cool
kajus525 (18 January 2015):
first try and 18 not bad i got C  Clap hands
Tin Ribs United (6 January 2015):
gabriel101003 is a liar
dzeko10 (26 December 2014):

messi #10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (24 November 2014):
so gabriel10103 scored 335 right  answers really Hmm...  Sad
mo760 (12 October 2014):
sick game Cool  Happy
gabriel101003 (18 August 2014):
i got 335!!! so easy!wow!!!
Happy  Happy  Happy
AmarJeff_Punk (16 August 2014):
I got 187 Happy Happy Happy
XDEMONX (3 August 2014):
i got 26
romosto (3 August 2014):
i got 80 i am so good at it Cool
renshaw (10 June 2014):
34 first go like a boss lol lel mow bubbles bubbiles pual is the best
TheRealAyHD (5 June 2014):
32 times first try
LIKE A BOSS Cool  Wave  Happy
CraigFarrell (28 April 2014):
got 47
sparkyLFC (27 April 2014):
This game is so easy I got 300 then quit cos of easiness
messi #10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (16 April 2014):
this game teaches me all lot about awesome soccer Cool  Wave  Clap hands
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