Soccer Free Kicks

A little skill and a lot of luck is required if you hope to excel in Soccer Free Kicks. This penalty-kick shootout campaign is designed especially for kids, so you won't need the ability to fire professional shots like Angel Di Maria. Click anywhere in the goal to shoot or make a diving save. When you're taking a penalty kick, you'll need to click again to determine your shot's power. Like a real penalty-kick shootout, ties will go to a sudden-death round. See whether your personal trainer gave you the skills necessary to excel.

Rating: 3.49 (367 votes) 3.49 out of 5
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shashank (6 January 2015):
its good  Wink
ABDUL1020 (6 May 2014):

usergabe (19 February 2014):
good but boring
NUFC 4 ETERNITY (16 April 2013):
Keeper knows where your going all the time!!! Hmm...
minicanon (19 March 2013):
im loving it!!! lol Wink  Happy
Seibert Soccer 3 (30 January 2013):
lol fun and easy stop all his shots to XD
adam93633 (12 January 2013):
this is the worst game ever yeaaaa
adam93633 (12 January 2013):
they know where u shoot most times
laith7493 (1 January 2013):
good game 9                              
joshie675 (13 October 2012):
i love this game
liam60061 (21 August 2012):
its the best game ever Clap hands  Wave  Cool
ChelseaLampard6 (7 August 2012):
This not a free kick game it is a penalty game.The Red is best and this game is the best i've only lost 2 times Happy  Wink
Haaris786 (1 July 2012):
rohit88 (26 June 2012):
won 30-29 yhhh im really happyyy
rstar (2 June 2012):
i lost 11-10 but i won like 12 times Happy  Happy
jayjay012 (31 May 2012):
very good game i'v won 5-1  the best game i'v in football games
Arklow united FC (5 January 2012):
So bad but i won XD  Wink
tomdavidson (23 December 2011):
i won Wave  Happy
Liverpoolrule554 (22 December 2011):
4/10 not good even though i won like 80 times
i love brighton (4 December 2011):
ok but i loose  i rate 3/5
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