Soccer Free Kicks

Soccer Free Kicks it's a classic penalty shootout game where the aim is to score more penalties than your CPU opponent.

Rating: 3.54 (330 votes) 3.54 out of 5
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usergabe (19 February 2014):
good but boring
NUFC 4 ETERNITY (16 April 2013):
Keeper knows where your going all the time!!! Hmm...
minicanon (19 March 2013):
im loving it!!! lol Wink  Happy
Seibert Soccer 3 (30 January 2013):
lol fun and easy stop all his shots to XD
adam93633 (12 January 2013):
this is the worst game ever yeaaaa
adam93633 (12 January 2013):
they know where u shoot most times
laith7493 (1 January 2013):
good game 9                              
joshie675 (13 October 2012):
i love this game
liam60061 (21 August 2012):
its the best game ever Clap hands  Wave  Cool
ChelseaLampard6 (7 August 2012):
This not a free kick game it is a penalty game.The Red is best and this game is the best i've only lost 2 times Happy  Wink
Haaris786 (1 July 2012):
rohit88 (26 June 2012):
won 30-29 yhhh im really happyyy
rstar (2 June 2012):
i lost 11-10 but i won like 12 times Happy  Happy
jayjay012 (31 May 2012):
very good game i'v won 5-1  the best game i'v in football games
Arklow united FC (5 January 2012):
So bad but i won XD  Wink
tomdavidson (23 December 2011):
i won Wave  Happy
Liverpoolrule554 (22 December 2011):
4/10 not good even though i won like 80 times
i love brighton (4 December 2011):
ok but i loose  i rate 3/5
gooner#1,2and3 (30 November 2011):
its good its just random guessing
won 3-2 Hmm...  Clap hands
emo 2011 (25 November 2011):
the best game ever !! Happy  Wink
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