Soccer Power Shot

The aim is to kick the ball as far as possible using 5 shots. Click once to set the angle and then click a second time to select the power.

Rating: 3.71 (212 votes) 3.71 out of 5
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hgiffs05 (10 May 2014):
very  bad game should get more balls   Sad
φινα (8 January 2013):
the old lady and the tree are against me
Lionel Messi #10 (1 December 2012):
this game is not very good from my opinion Sad  Sad
machoman123 (13 October 2012):
the old lady messed my shot Sad
badman ronaldo (23 September 2012):
i sure hate that old lady she is butters
mosithedon (6 July 2012):
i am the best at this game Happy  Sad  Wink
Edwin OG (16 May 2012):
i got 7048  Cool  Clap hands now beat that lool
l00l (12 January 2012):
i just got 7023 bet that then Cool   Happy
Diogo123 (1 January 2012):
i got 6046 beat that lol  Happy  Happy
chicharito41 (29 December 2011):
Got 5045 beat that
mohammad khalaf (22 December 2011):
i wom 4029
Happy i beat you cristiano 7
TsubasaOzora (20 December 2011):
1993 my best score
dames0 (23 November 2011):
i got 1625 aswell. first shot went and hit the old granny
cristiano7 (20 November 2011):
I got 3045.   Beat That!! Happy  Cool  Clap hands
moo69 (30 May 2011):
cool game
super Clap hands  Happy
moo45 (29 May 2011):
awsome game
Manas (14 May 2011):
final score-1625
manu7ronaldo (30 April 2011):
i did 1420 Clap hands
rma (28 March 2011):
coooll gamme!!
rma (24 March 2011):
to good
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