Fifa Football 1on1

The aim is to score more penalties than your computer opponent and win the FIFA World Cup Trophy. Each Player takes 5 penalties in turn. In order to score you'll have to align the height and the direction of the ball with the target as close as possible.

Rating: 2.94 (348 votes) 2.94 out of 5
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FIFA FOOTBALL 1ON1 - Comments:
chelsea786 (14 June 2014):
they will need to improve this by a million times better, I rate this 1 out of infinity
Aryaan14 (10 May 2014):
bad game disgrace to the Japanese virtual world
CR7 CH14 (21 March 2013):
worst game ever Sad  Sad
Kareem Qoseibati (29 November 2012):
Baby game
Aaron2130 (6 October 2012):
2 points!!
fionainhussey (16 July 2012):
disaster to japenese games  Sad
Alians2001 (14 July 2012):
if he does one goal you lose
claw309 (5 July 2012):
Rubbish game ever 1/75 for me Sad  Sad
Chivadude (26 May 2012):
WON Happy
i love brighton (17 May 2012):

cant even stand the flippin game
wullbissett (18 December 2011):
pish game worst game ever
Hasmit (14 December 2011):
The worst game in the world
littlemaster (30 November 2011):
worst game ever
manu7ronaldo (30 April 2011):
this game is worth 1 star Sad  Sad
rma (30 March 2011):
goog game
egintacr7 (15 February 2011):
very bad game Hmm...  @
ngak gaul gitu(indonesian)
baybayf50 (29 January 2011):
it si ok
black eyess (25 January 2011):
the worst game i play in my life
liverpool_lover_123 (24 January 2011):
terrile game 2/10
roney22222 (27 December 2010):
cool game Clap hands  Clap hands
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