3 on 3 Ice Hockey

A real cool game of ice hockey! Get your expert hands working on this one? You will have to check the keys that you need to use to change the body from right to left and the keys to take all other maneuvers. It is a game where you need to concentrate on the game and at the same time be very fast with your keyboard. Once you get going, then there is no stopping and you will find very soon that there is nothing as simple and enjoyable as this hockey game.

Rating: 3.66 (204 votes) 3.66 out of 5
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3 ON 3 ICE HOCKEY - Comments:
Hassan Ibrahim (16 April 2015):
terrible game Sad  Sad
jjfthebro (19 August 2014):
i'm seriously the cousin  mike fisher which means i love hockey but this game is the worst
fp316 (28 April 2013):
i <3 dis game Happy
fp316 (27 April 2013):
i luv hockey plus too easy Cool  Wave
shrimp 3 (1 March 2013):
bad game Sad
bestfootballman12360 (25 November 2012):
coconut dude 1111 (19 November 2012):
almost there biggest score in world 100:0
Liverpoolforever92 (16 September 2012):
Easy game come one  Wave  
ChelseaLampard6 (26 August 2012):
Good but Hard
agh210 (27 June 2012):
this game stinks. you cant even move Sad
dj kidd (31 May 2012):
this is a good game.  Clap hands
lazk22 (19 February 2012):
awesome game i won 7-1
chealse4ever :) (5 January 2012):
yea i won the playoffs Happy  Happy but i had to rematch 3 times in the final first time 3-3 and second 5-5 and third 5-4 Clap hands
BJMunozSoccer Fan (23 December 2011):
WON THE PLAYOFFS! Happy  Sad  Wink
BJMunozSoccer Fan (23 December 2011):
Hey you guys! Read my trick!
BJMunozSoccer Fan (23 December 2011):
Heres's the trick to winning... make a goal and get in the corner and stay there until time runs out! Cool  Cool
avfc (21 November 2011):
field games and footie games for me Happy  Happy
Edward Baker (18 November 2011):
very good. Happy
CODY129 (21 May 2011):
Clap hands  Sad NICE GAME GUYS
bryan m (19 May 2011):
it's good
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