Smart Soccer

Use your mouse to move the gloves and save the shoots fired at you. Very simple but very addicting goalkeeper based football game. Smart Soccer puts you in the position of the keeper as you attempt to block shot after shot, sparing your team from an offensive onslaught. Drag the pair of gloves with your mouse to stop the opponent's shots. Saves are good, but catching the ball will score you even more points. You are permitted to miss up to four balls on each level. You'll have to practice quick judgment of the spin placed on the ball to stop it like Michel Vorm. The spin placed on the ball actually gets more difficult to assess each time you level up.

Rating: 4.17 (1276 votes) 4.17 out of 5
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SMART SOCCER - Comments:
O21 (7 April 2020):
Its a calm game Wink
Mr--Moose (10 June 2019):
Cool game! My highs score is 10000 Cool  Cool  Cool
dannyboy123456789 (30 June 2015):
i saved loads  Cool  Wave
leohotshot8 (18 September 2014):
it was ok Sad
jjfthebro (20 August 2014):
what a boring game
GaMe.sTaR.. (26 May 2014):
my score 15100
MufcForever (25 May 2014):
Fave Game Happy
BIGSEXY (15 April 2014):
this games so ill omg #tapout
math70081 (11 April 2014):
brill game cant stop playing
RayRayZay (28 March 2014):
my score was 2700 Clap hands  Wave
Really Madrid (20 March 2014):
I got 1700
michaelU (23 February 2014):
level 3 2400
michaelU (23 February 2014):
this game is hard
matt2609 (20 February 2014):
this game is fun   Wave  Clap hands  Hmm...
Rooney leg (14 February 2014):
Beast in goal!
kuky543 (13 February 2014):
Clap hands i am sooo good at this
kuky543 (13 February 2014):
hahahah 1000 wow i was a 7 lvl
kingraiq (17 January 2014):
epic Happy  Clap hands  good
Moh123 (12 May 2013):
Just too good to be true! Cool  Clap hands
LOVEFUTBOL (12 May 2013):
Best scoreCool,700 Clap hands  Clap hands
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