World Cup Penalty

The aim of the game is to score more penalty shootouts than your opponent and pass to the next stage. While you are striker use the SPACE to set the direction, height and the power of your shoot. While you are the keeper for a short time you will see a white cross on your goal and that is the place of your opponent shot, but not the exact point. By moving the gloves to that point and clicking you can move your goalkeeper.

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Kwasi Brine (13 November 2019):
Winner With 2469 Points   Portugal Vs France
Illegal (6 November 2019):
Won 5 times with mexico highest score is 22510
Cool  Cool  Cool
l xGrindin l (24 October 2019):
easy Happy
Harry Potter (8 October 2019):
Germany 26 - 0 to the US hahahaha Happy  Happy
Throwee (2 September 2019):
i was Algeria lost 5-0 to the us!!! Sad
iiBlitzHitz (13 August 2019):
Played with France

Group stage
France 4-2 South Africa
France 3-3 Mexico
France 4-3 Uruguay

Round of 16/Knockout stages
France 4-3 South Korea

France 5-3 Australia

France 4-3 Japan

France 4-5 Portugal

So close yet so far.
Great game! Clap hands
4712168315 (23 July 2019):
easiest game ever
cookieyolo21 (15 July 2019):
highest score 394092
cookieyolo21 (10 July 2019):
final score 23420
Rayon21 (21 June 2019):
My highest score is 19540
penalty_gamer (19 May 2019):
Won it finally with Paraguay
penalty_gamer (19 May 2019):
I played with Spain - Lost in Group
Played with Slovenia - Lost in 16'S
This game is tough!! Clap hands
bryanlara (3 May 2019):
this game is lit
bryanlara (2 May 2019):
I won the world cup with Brasil against Ivory Coast
The dark shadow (17 April 2019):
Why does the ball go THROUGH my keeper sometimes?  Hmm...  Hmm...  Sad
TheWinterBeest (2 April 2019):
beat Spain 5-0 in the finals w Germany Happy  Cool  Clap hands
MaxIsThePro12 (28 March 2019):
love it and sub to pewdiepie Wink  Wave  Happy
TheWinterBeest (22 March 2019):
I love how video games allow you to do the impossible

like win the world cup with USA

4-3 v. Algeria
5-4 v. UK
5-4 v. Slovenia

5-4 v. Serbia

5-2 v. France

5-3 v. New Zealand

4-3 v. Switzerland
18900 points
fergo96 (17 March 2019):
i won with england Cool
9fred (11 April 2017):
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