World Cup Penalty

The aim of the game is to score more penalty shootouts than your opponent and pass to the next stage. While you are striker use the SPACE to set the direction, height and the power of your shoot. While you are the keeper for a short time you will see a white cross on your goal and that is the place of your opponent shot, but not the exact point. By moving the gloves to that point and clicking you can move your goalkeeper.

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nayan12345 (22 April 2014):
great game always go on it at school.  Happy  Happy  Happy
swat11 (21 April 2014):
super & nice game
chicorito (20 April 2014):
won 85 times Happy   Wink
Kyle drumstick (20 April 2014):
sunshinejolly (18 April 2014):
cool with a k makes kool Cool  Happy
minilav1 (18 April 2014):
i hate this game  Hmm...  Sad
minilav1 (18 April 2014):
really good game  Clap hands
Bob Marley 123 (16 April 2014):
Josh smith England fc on game
group stages
(eng) 4-1 swit
usa 4-2 (eng)
(eng 4-2 Gha
last 16
bra 3-4 (eng)
quarter final
(eng) 7-6 por
semi final
fra 2-4 (eng)
(eng) 6-5 spa

I have won the world cup 8 out of 12 times.
giorgi kharebava (13 April 2014):
Happy it's very good game and difficult
Dannylarge9 (12 April 2014):
Italy are really bad on this game
footballlover2 (12 April 2014):
i played as germany and here are results:      Germany 5-3 Paraguay in last 16                Germany 4-3 Argentina in quarter final                                               Germany 5-2 Chile in semi final              Germany 1-2 Nigeria in finals.not bad for an ametaur like me! Clap hands
shipfish33 (12 April 2014):
won with italy Cool
mario gozte77 (11 April 2014):
sweet game love it  Cool  Cool
chelsea786 (10 April 2014):
I won 21580
chelsea786 (10 April 2014):
a great game to play!!! Clap hands  Clap hands
ITSBOSSTIME (10 April 2014):
Great game could play this all day
Clap hands   Happy  Happy
mario gotze (10 April 2014):
nice game but i lost the final agenst serbria 5-4 uragury i was uragury but cool game  Cool  Cool
CraigFarrell (10 April 2014):
ill just say the knockouts= last 16=brazil 7-6 spain...
QUATERS=Braxil 5-0 argentina.
semis= brazil 4-1 italy
final england 0-5 BRAZIL Happy
luka.mzavanadze (8 April 2014):
argentina vs south korea 5-5                                  
argentina vs nigeria 4-4
argentina vs greece 5-4
argentina vs urugay 3-1
argentina vs uk 5-3
argentina vs north korea 3-2
argentina vs germany 4-1
i am the champion with 20210 score
Dannylarge9 (8 April 2014):
I beat England 5-4 after sudden Death in the final with Portugal
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