World Cup Penalty

The aim of the game is to score more penalty shootouts than your opponent and pass to the next stage. While you are striker use the SPACE to set the direction, height and the power of your shoot. While you are the keeper for a short time you will see a white cross on your goal and that is the place of your opponent shot, but not the exact point. By moving the gloves to that point and clicking you can move your goalkeeper.

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jmwrighty777 (20 October 2014):
England 19080 Cool  Wave  Happy
rhernandez123 (15 October 2014):
29430 mexico Happy  Cool  Wave
Laurynas10 (14 October 2014):
lost 4-5 in the final vs brazil
azaini muhd (13 October 2014):
best games........... Cool
awesome1 (12 October 2014):
messi and neymar are awesome and amazinggg!!!  Cool  Clap hands
arellano braulio (11 October 2014):
Wink   Happy
loganeish (8 October 2014):
brazil vs portugal (5-0)
Cool  Happy  Happy
loganeish (8 October 2014):
i won
don_kayzzz (5 October 2014):
I GOT 16580 POINT, TOO GOOD Cool  Cool  AND A VERY NICE GAME Clap hands
chuum15 (5 October 2014):
Love the game. Win every time. Cool
Hassan Ibrahim (4 October 2014):
i won with argentina in final against new zealand and my score 17150 cool game man Cool
don_kayzzz (1 October 2014):
TOO EASYYY FAM  Cool   Happy
improudalgerian (1 October 2014):
so awesom im algeria and i never lose  Wave
riofeeney (29 September 2014):
final me spain vs Germany 5-0
riofeeney (29 September 2014):
scored a goal with my eyes closed
rafael van der haag (28 September 2014):
sooo good
Alvin7 (27 September 2014):
Awesome game
abdul786 (26 September 2014):
kekomy (26 September 2014):
nice game Clap hands
habz94 (25 September 2014):
Sad I am the worst
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