England Fan Dressup

Dig around your closet and select the best attire to support England squad in the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup. Sporting your team's colors with style is just as essential to the game of football as kicking the ball itself. Click the various buttons on the left of the screen to swap one outfit for another. Don't worry if you can't decide. There is no one hollering for you to leave your wardrobe until you're ready. If you are a supporter of the English squad, don't let this opportunity pass you by.

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SharkKillerGamerBoy (15 July 2020):
Yaffakakez (27 January 2015):
this game is weird
fcxc jr (26 October 2014):
how  many  boys play!!? and  i am a boy Hmm...  Hmm...
gabriel101003 (23 September 2014):
Just one short???                                                  Wink  Wink
footballlover2 (12 April 2014):
cool game it just feels weird that lots of boys play this and im a boy Hmm... and if anyone dressed the girl naked,just wow. Sad
manutdtillidie (5 February 2013):
how she hot she is cartoon
newsammy16 (3 February 2012):
good game Clap hands
kenan (22 January 2012):
i love this girl @  Cool  Wave
harlei (17 December 2011):
dood she's hot  Wave  Clap hands  Hmm...
jiggles12345678 (17 December 2011):
cool game    Happy
ilvfootball (3 December 2011):
lol funny how loads of BOYS play this game and im a boy Wink
wbarocks (3 December 2011):
they have the looks
Clap hands
rooey scouse liverpool 11 (7 June 2011):
but good...
makky123 (25 March 2011):
okiee Clap hands
morientes7 (30 October 2010):
sick game brov haha
arsenal234 (26 October 2010):
best gamme evey girl is sexy  i love this game Happy  Cool  Cool
amz rocks (24 October 2010):
amz rocks
i love this sexy lovely lady
engaland4478 (14 October 2010):
love Wave  Hmm...
clonatron55 (9 August 2010):
coolyo game Clap hands
Thomas2212 (8 August 2010):
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