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Timing your throw-in so the ball lands at the strikers feet perfectly. You begin with 8 strikers and with each goal you score you gain another striker. Scoring 3-in-a-row will give you a score boost and an extra striker.

Rating: 3.76 (563 votes) 3.76 out of 5
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BACK IN PLAY - Comments:
SharkKillerGamerBoy (7 July 2020):
worst game ever
sanchez (22 August 2016):
not very fun.
boring game Sad
Kurt_Schneider343 (7 June 2016):
got 4-in-a-row and 1450 score Cool
FIFAMorley (1 May 2016):
Managed to get 625 as my overall score, but that does not excuse this game for being the most retarded excuse for a physics dependancy as more times than not I fail despite it being a good throw
Bingo5656 (28 December 2014):
hate it
LackadaisicalThunderXD (30 April 2014):
It could be better Hmm...
Taarabt7 (25 April 2014):
Really HARD Sad  Sad
200497313A (2 February 2014):
lets see Cool
Dr.Dre (19 January 2014):
its ok
kingraiq (17 January 2014):
cool game Happy  Clap hands  Wave
NUFC 4 ETERNITY (14 April 2013):
Not the best game  Hmm...
Esseeja (2 March 2013):
All of the games are good. Clap hands
phoenix555 (24 February 2013):
boring game Sad
Misty Hill (24 February 2013):
IT'S OK  Hmm...
eudes09 (12 February 2013):
this game is the best. Wave  Happy  
cookie456 (22 December 2012):
i love it  Wave
gerrard111 (28 November 2012):
its a bit hard but the players go crying if they miss
joshen10 (7 October 2012):
this is hard
sharky12 (11 September 2012):
score everytime  Clap hands  Clap hands Clap hands
ninosnitsakis (31 August 2012):
goals 56 score 20456
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