Best soccer goals FIFA

The World Cup is universally known for its ability to bring together some of the most amazing athletes on the planet, so you can only imagine how phenomenal the footage captured in Best Soccer Goals FIFA must be. Watch Joe Cole swat a long ball into the far upper corner of the goal from a kilometer away. Your jaw will drop at the sight of Roberto Baggio dribbling his way from midfield through traffic to effortlessly drop the ball into the net. This classic global competition brings the best of the best to your screen for timeless footballing magic.

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RYANLH919 (18 April 2015):
How are they the best goals!!! Hmm...
Bingo5656 (27 December 2014):
they do skills to score goals not some of them Cool  Cool
manchester unitede rules (16 December 2014):
I Dont Agree With Maradona as the best goal scorer Sad  Sad
drfc (27 February 2014):
that save was the best Happy
therocking1638 (18 February 2014):
3:55 what an bycycle
rehan ayaz (17 February 2014):
Clap hands what a bicycle
doger (22 April 2013):
brazil is undafitable to
doger (22 April 2013):
3 wone is undafitable
bossilyas (14 April 2013):
that was amazing
jared (3 March 2013):
that was awesome Cool
wunpini (20 February 2013):
bicycle kick to good
qwertysed (10 February 2013):
Michael Owens goals were amazing and the bicycle kicks were Rad  
bigmonkey17 (29 January 2013):
apart from 2:03
aisar syahmi 999 (11 January 2013):
superp superp noob  Sad
mexico_chicharito (18 December 2012):
i thought it was a game
nell messi rocks10 (4 November 2012):
im on a soccer team and ive made a goal like that before whos the bos now Happy  Cool  Clap hands
JakeW (1 October 2012):
Not that good goals Sad
vincent2003 (18 September 2012):
I love this game,

danman16 (15 July 2012):
SICK VIDEOS Cool   Clap hands  Happy
cesarito (3 July 2012):
good goals but thought it was a game Clap hands  Sad
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