Penalty Shootout 2010

Wait for the game to load and then click 'Start Game'. Wait another 10 seconds exactly and click on 'Play'. Enjoy!
TIP:Were the cross flashes is where the opponent will shot.

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PENALTY SHOOTOUT 2010 - Comments:
isaiahomg55 (21 April 2014):
i won cameroon vs nigera 3 to 1
isaiahomg55 (21 April 2014):
love this game
isaiahomg55 (17 April 2014):
beat greece 4 to 1
Really Madrid (21 March 2014):
Brasil 3:0 North Corea
Brasil 1:3 Ivory Coast
Brasil 2:0 Portugal
Round of 16:
Brasil 3:0 Spain
Brasil 2:1 Denmark
Brasil 2:1 Mexico
Brasil 1:1 Paraguay(sudden death 1:0)
abe (15 March 2014):
won argentina Wave
michaelU (23 February 2014):
I won with Portugal
Murat1996 (19 February 2014):
I won the final with Greece against Netherlands 5-2
ATKiller (17 February 2014):
so close to semi Clap hands
juanm (13 February 2014):
i could beat every one cause im good Happy  Clap hands  Cool
Space Boy (26 January 2014):
wonderful game
~ FCB ALL DAY ~ (19 January 2014):
I would suggest the teams:
                                      Spain. Argentina .
                                       Brazil , & Uruguay
Clap hands  Wave
Andy1021 (27 May 2013):
Group H :Spain
Spain 4-1 Switzerland
Spain  2-2 Honduras
Spain 1-1 Chile

Round of 16
Spain 2-1 Brazil

Quarter Final
Spain 0-0 Paraguay (Sudden Death S 0-1 P)

Made it into the Quarter Finals in my first try, not bad

Wink  Clap hands
massep (5 May 2013):
i love this my favorite game... Cool   Wave  briliant game  Clap hands  Clap hands ...I win with Spain England Germani and Argentina...I m the best at this game
divi123 (5 May 2013):
yea yo i'm through the finals..oh yea... Wave  Wink  Happy
ciaran9876 (28 April 2013):
good game Wave  Cool
crazybro11 (26 April 2013):
Wave i won ecery time!
zbbzac6 (15 April 2013):
i won in the final with italy vs france
Brad02 (13 April 2013):
I won with England against Italy in the final Wave  Happy  Clap hands
neymarmessi111 (12 April 2013):
easy game
ronaldomessi369 (9 April 2013):
We were argentina vs france we lost3 2 we won agenst all of group d
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