Soccer Five

Soccer Five is some of the best full-pitch street soccer action you can find on the web. Use your arrow keys to move, "Z" to pass and switch players, "X" to shoot, and "C" to steal the ball or dribble your way by defenders like Kaka. Hold down "X" longer to blast a shot with some serious heat. This five-on-five game of high-definition intensity will keep you engaged for hours. Play through a series of games and try to top your group with the most points. Two brief halves are all you have to outscore the opposing side.

Rating: 4.08 (448 votes) 4.08 out of 5
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SOCCER FIVE - Comments:
bestgk (10 April 2013):
fun game
haldous11 (9 April 2013):
Got gold award Happy
ChelseaLampard6 (22 February 2013):
Mohammeds (30 January 2013):
good gam e
peteralbi (1 January 2013):
Happy  Happy  Happy  that's how happy this game made me
Patrick55667788 (17 December 2012):
HaHaHaHa great game Clap hands
messi7 (16 September 2012):
i love this game Happy  Happy  Clap hands
ChelseaLampard6 (18 August 2012):
Cool Number beat everybody every time
Cool  Happy
messi54321 (19 June 2012):
predator10 (27 May 2012):
I won the championship. This is the most awsomest game I've ever played
namitg98 (17 May 2012):
baakwaas game Wink  Sad
nadani (17 May 2012):
its a cool game
messironaldo (16 May 2012):
good game    Clap hands  Cool
Mohammeds (14 February 2012):
good game
Mohammeds (14 February 2012):
very good game. Wink
filip20 (11 February 2012):
i won the championship Wink  Happy  Cool
mkdons (1 February 2012):
Easy but very good Clap hands
mohamoud (14 January 2012):
i won everytime lol

Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
mohamoud (8 January 2012):
best game ever
mohamoud (8 January 2012):
best game ever
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