World Soccer Champion

Choose one of the national teams and try to win the world cup. Use arrow keys to control your players, A to cross/tackle, S - pass and D - shoot.

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Mohammeds (19 September 2014):
good game
Jason545 (18 September 2014):
cool grapics Cool  Clap hands  Wave
mo760 (3 August 2014):
easiest game ever Cool  Cool  Wave
rurikbird (24 May 2014):
My best tournament so far:

Portugal vs Cote D'Ivoire 7:0
vs Korea DPR 13:0
vs Brazil 2:0

vs Chile 6:0
vs Netherlands 3:0
vs France 9:2 (ruined my tournament clean sheet, bastards)
vs Spain 3:0

Clap hands
rurikbird (20 May 2014):
A tip for everybody: when you're close to goal and have no time for a powerful shot, use S (short pass) instead. A lot of the time it fools the goalkeeper and sneaks into the far corner. You're welcome Happy
rurikbird (20 May 2014):
Did anybody else go through the whole tournament without conceding? I finally managed to do it with Italy:
Group stage gd 12:0
1/8 Denmark 3:0
1/4 Portugal 1:0
1/2 Germany 3:0
Final France 4:0
Live.alastair4447888 (10 May 2014):
shipfish33 (28 April 2014):
this game has good graphix but it freezes alot
GERRARD12345678910 (14 April 2014):
shipfish33 (9 April 2014):
i love this game
shipfish33 (9 April 2014):
got beaten by spain in the final
ghetto_Symphony (8 April 2014):
nice game in the finals with mexico  Happy  Wave  Clap hands
shipfish33 (8 April 2014):
got to semi finals with spain
Neymar21188 (7 April 2014):
Brazil is the bomb. Clap hands
C.Nadeem (4 April 2014):
If you are good at remembering, remember this i am the champion Wink  Cool
C.Nadeem (3 April 2014):
who want to talk to me?Hmm... If you want to talk to me I'll will just say shut up.   Cool  Cool  Cool
C.Nadeem (30 March 2014):
just remember  this guys, Portugal. Cool  Cool  Cool
rurikbird (21 March 2014):
Netherlands is the most high-scoring team for me now. Group stage goal difference 23-0, play-off GD 29-3. Final with Germany, 7:2  Cool
Aus04 (14 March 2014):
awesome game hard to shoot for the post Hmm... yeah that's right
Bellaj (9 March 2014):
if you guys play this game with the game volume off and music on you can concentrate more and your able to score i do it all the time you guys should try it. Every time i put a game on there is always music on too!!!  Wink
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