Soccer Stars

Use your cursor keys to move, Z to shoot and X to pass or tackle. Although the strange team names as North American Masters or Far East Warriors may seem odd, Soccer Stars is probably one of the best World Cup games.

Rating: 4.21 (3251 votes) 4.21 out of 5
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SOCCER STARS - Comments:
gordon (17 April 2014):
i beat the game with 42, 42, 790 Happy
gordon (17 April 2014):
i love it
Clap hands  Clap hands
footballlover2 (9 April 2014):
amazing game i mostly win 6-0 Clap hands
kushkaartik (23 March 2014):
i won by 11-0
Happy  Cool   Clap hands
abe (15 March 2014):
good game   Happy
sarath (13 March 2014):
I won by 9-0
sarath (6 March 2014):
Hmm...  Hmm...  Cool
lampad234 (27 February 2014):
THE best game in the world. i am the best in the world.
austin991 (26 February 2014):
nice game Clap hands
sarath (23 February 2014):
superb game Happy
ftrinder (18 February 2014):
I can't  belive there are'nt fouls in this game Happy
ftrinder (18 February 2014):
BEST GAME EVER  Happy  Happy
mvp (16 February 2014):
this is easy !!! Wave  Cool  Happy
anarahul789 (15 February 2014):
I can always win. Wave  Clap hands  Cool
Jake202 (15 February 2014):
I'm epic at  this game Cool
doombringer123 (23 January 2014):
this game is kind of slow LAG!!! Hmm...
callum4595 (21 January 2014):
sick game
callum4595 (20 January 2014):
won 9-2
rulersimon4 (18 January 2014):
outstanding game
-neon- (28 May 2013):
Cool  cool game ever ilove this
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