3D Penalty Save

The World's first ever Stereoscopic (think 3D specs) Football game. Select your favourite country and save the penalties!
Use your Mouse to control the goalkeeper hands. Use red (left eye) and cyan (right eye) 3D specs to fully enjoy the game. We recommend letting your eyes adjust to the screen before starting a game.

Rating: 3.66 (610 votes) 3.66 out of 5
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3D PENALTY SAVE - Comments:
portsmouth123fan (30 January 2014):
its so fast
HunHuntheGun8 (18 January 2014):
zombigo77 (16 February 2013):
Hmm... its alright Hmm...
cristiano2323 (13 January 2013):
its cool but its not hard
crap+people=respect (12 January 2013):
am still thinking am using the toyta south bay computer
chowy (28 November 2012):
this game is  really good, however its hard. thumbs up Happy  Happy
kalkara (22 November 2012):
i got123445 points it is so hard

tommytommytutu (25 October 2012):
so good!why not see the whole net? Hmm...
MagnusNumber10 (29 September 2012):
And His Name Is...................BOB!
Justin Chabot (22 September 2012):
50 points that bad :C Sad
copd (18 September 2012):
310  Clap hands Clap hands better next time Hmm...
kiiiick47 (30 June 2012):
its the worst football game ever Sad  Sad
mata44 (26 June 2012):
No fair! No USA! Sad
niall712 (16 June 2012):
Sad im sad
niall712 (16 June 2012):
i scored 130 as well innit  Cool  Clap hands  Happy
Jacob Hitchen (14 June 2012):
I kind of like this game  Wink
DonHardeep (8 June 2012):
cool Happy
footyman342 (6 June 2012):
The worst game  @ myfootballgames.co.uk
bboy360 (12 May 2012):
3d AWSOME 3D Cool  Happy  Wave
Barcelona17 (18 February 2012):
good game Clap hands  Cool  Wave
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