The Champions 3D

Choose your preferred team and lead your champions through the 7 matches of the World Cup Soccer 2010. Use the Arrow keys or W, A, S, D keys to Move; X or N- Pass; C or M - Shoot.

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THE CHAMPIONS 3D - Comments:
picinko (27 December 2020):
I always lose in the semifinals 'cos the game does not want my promotion to the final. But i think it's a great game
merfolktrickster69 (26 December 2020):
I basically use Sarriball where I'm trying to make every pass a vertical one
merfolktrickster69 (26 December 2020):
yo finally won with a country that isn't Spain, USA 4-3 Brazil in the final. I gave up 8 goals which is a lot, but when I give up only 2-3 I don't win
picinko (22 December 2020):
I always get into the semifinals and lose there.
Daddy (9 September 2020):
But hey this game's a banger Wink
Water Man (23 August 2020):
I won with england and france, brazil, and germany just pass the pass around.
MUTHU12345 (2 August 2020):
Good game!!!
IAMAFOOTBALLER (10 July 2020):
I LOVE THIS GAME Wave  Clap hands
IAMAFOOTBALLER (10 July 2020):
I just won from brazil in the final
I LOVE THIS GAME. Clap hands  Wave
I just lost by 3-4 but first i was winning but they scored at last minute and scored again in extra time.I will not give up. Wave  Clap hands  Happy
I reached the final but lost by 0-3 with USA
SharkKillerGamerBoy (5 July 2020):
best game ever
MUTHU12345 (1 July 2020):
3-1 winners against Brazil lets go!!!
MUTHU12345 (19 June 2020):
Just won 2-1 over brazil in the finals as USA Happy  Wink  Wave  Clap hands
MUTHU12345 (18 June 2020):
I just won 2-1 over brazil in the finals

Three goals given up all tournament long
2-1 Australia and England
MUTHU12345 (18 June 2020):
I love this game
MUTHU12345 (16 June 2020):
1 ==1
MUTHU12345 (16 June 2020):
Yo so how's life guys?
MUTHU12345 (15 June 2020):
Yo guys I always get bad luck in the second half of the final round in the tournament. I played in the finals 10 times already I just can't seem to win. This is an extremely fun game though. I give it 5 stars  Happy  Happy  Wink  Cool   Clap hands
Muthu is better than Hala (25 May 2020):
I love this game!!! Happy  Clap hands  Hmm...
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