World Cup Kicks

Try to outscore your opponent in World Cup Kicks before running out of chances. Land a shot or two in the goal and you'll be progressing to the next round. Didier Drogba's Ivory Coast is a good team to select in this challenge, but even the greatest international sides will struggle. Time your clicks perfectly to set the height, direction, and curve of your kick. In some cases, you might be able to fire a cross in to your teammate. However, you'll want to aim directly for goal on most of your chances. Wide balls will be sent soaring into the stadium crowd, so shoot with care.

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iiBlitzHitz (12 August 2019):
It is a great game. Good job creators! Clap hands
l xGrindin l (24 July 2019):
4712168315 (21 July 2019):
like argentina
9fred (11 April 2017):
Adamstar (6 April 2017):
lllooovvveee it  Happy  Happy
arodriguez1144 (2 February 2017):
it was sorta hard but i came in the quarter finals Clap hands
dillonmad3 (24 October 2016):
CLASS GAME  Clap hands
Andrea Halili 003 (18 August 2016):
It's a little difficult sometimes but i enjoy it Happy  Happy  Happy
FloRes_047 (19 March 2016):
its cool Cool
mi20015 (8 February 2016):
its a rubbish game I hate it ! Happy  Happy  Happy
JB__29 (4 July 2015):
Can someone help it won't let me play any games on my ohone
Shaun Portelli (12 April 2015):
The teams are very great, but I am having a bit trouble with the height and the direction where I shoot. Hmm...
Shaun Portelli (9 April 2015):
Very nice game Cool  Cool  Cool
Manas Mehta (28 March 2015):
cool game Clap hands  Clap hands
steakdog (17 February 2015):
nice game Clap hands
07943113312 (1 January 2015):
good game Cool  Cool
MexicanSoccerFan29 (31 December 2014):
very good Happy  Happy  Wave
Cescfabregas (30 December 2014):
good game
messi10 (27 November 2014):
Cristiano7is the best Cool
garyfoy4 (26 November 2014):
amazin  Cool  Cool   Wave
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