World Cup 2010

Earn enough points in the qualifying stages to reach the final 16. The following 4 matches will be played on a knockout basis. If a match is tied penalty shots will decide the winner. Arrow keys to control the player, C - pass, X - shoot, V - tackle.

Rating: 3.60 (1689 votes) 3.60 out of 5
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WORLD CUP 2010 - Comments:
RKA (30 August 2015):
This game needs better GRAPHICS and controls
Bingo5656 (29 December 2014):
pretty good Clap hands
censedwriter821 (20 April 2014):
Happy Sad  got knocked out damm it  is a crap game!!! Happy
EvertonRocks123 (6 April 2014):
cant stand it!
Sad  Sad
samiur (8 February 2014):
Awesome game! The best football game! Clap hands  Wink  Happy
TH7 (25 January 2014):
Awesome game Clap hands  Wave  Cool
Dr.Dre (19 January 2014):
This game is the best  Clap hands
caimanjow01 (2 May 2013):
I won England anyyone here from england Cool  Clap hands  Clap hands
EVERTONTILLIDIE1878 (13 March 2013):
Is it good coz im a downy
ryeboy223 (22 February 2013):
won against germany
IsaacFung (15 January 2013):
I used Algeria once and Algeria went to the semi-final and lost Chlie by 5:10
sporting por225 (23 December 2012):
i won with portugal 10 to 0
cristanoronaldo (12 December 2012):
I won in world cup 2010 my tem portogal
cristanoronaldo (12 December 2012):
spain lost 5 to portugal
cristanoronaldo (9 December 2012):
Iike tis game Cool
footy1 (2 December 2012):
epic game
man of the match (1 December 2012):
best game ever Cool
wayne rooney1651 (1 December 2012):
good game
Clap hands
manchesterunited (29 November 2012):
mexico all da way
totti 10 (28 November 2012):
italy is the best
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