To win the cup you'll have to win all your matches. Draw is regarded as defeat. Use arrow keys to move your player and SPACE to jump.

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GOOOAAAL - Comments:
messi1001 (26 March 2017):
This game is 100% awesome and cool
neymar10brazil (2 September 2016):
rockstar556 (14 November 2015):
very fun game, but you have to log into facebook to get some additives.  Sad
rizwan.parambil1234 (29 January 2015):
awesome Happy  Clap hands
mo760 (13 October 2014):
great game  Cool  Wink
Yassin Amr (27 May 2014):
Sad bad game
isaak (4 May 2014):
epic game Cool
HUSSYOUF (18 April 2014):
Clap hands I think its fine Clap hands
LUCAISBEAST (14 April 2014):
Difficult game made it to semis  Hmm...
bigyoshifan (31 January 2014):
best game ever Happy  Happy
Cristiano.Ronaldo7 (12 May 2013):
good game dude
radoja15 (12 May 2013):
would you rather choose mousebreaker or my football games
wilkm117 (3 April 2013):
beat USA 6-0 (so easy)   Cool
podolski is awsome (1 April 2013):
cant stop playing Clap hands
robotboy1820 (28 March 2013):
good game but its kinda boring Cool  Hmm...
Pirlo222 (16 March 2013):
cool game Cool
Adonai.10.A (13 March 2013):
Actually not that bad cool game instead of LIONEL MESSI they put NELSON MESSE XD  Wave
Adonai.10.A (7 March 2013):
this game is stupid because they have 4 against 1 and have faster people Hmm...
FCBMessi10 (22 February 2013):
This game is 100% awesome and cool Cool  Happy  Wave
Gerad Sweet (16 February 2013):
what the heck!!! @
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