Super Soccer Strikers

Use the arrow keys to run, Z to change players, and X to slide-tackle your opponent. When you have the ball use Z to pass to your teammates or X to shoot at your opponents goal. When the ball goes out of bounds, use X for a throw-in, corner kick, or goalie kick. Fill up your Skills Bar to earn special moves. When the bar is full enough use A,S or D to activate.

Rating: 3.56 (208 votes) 3.56 out of 5
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Super Soccer Strikers

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Aryaan14 (13 June 2014):
good game but it keeps lagging
RileyWR11 (29 April 2014):
i dont know about you, but when I played the game it was very laggy
fergus10 (19 March 2013):
Lost first game 1-0 and then I just went out of it Happy   Wink
Aaron2130 (1 November 2012):
tied then won 3-0!!! Cool
kimih56 (6 July 2012):
Clap hands the game is good
real madrid 1111 (24 June 2012):
Hmm...  its ok 8\10  Hmm...  Hmm...
real madrid 1111 (23 June 2012):
good  Clap hands  but a little slow  Hmm...  Sad
yarub2 (13 December 2011):
wtg game creators Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
Kieran11 (13 December 2011):
Brilliant game Clap hands
bearroyo (8 June 2011):
nice game
alemis123 (13 May 2011):
this game is the best Cool   Happy
Kolimanz44 (28 April 2011):
cool game
10eddiemessi (17 March 2011):
Yeaahhh! Wave
10eddiemessi (15 March 2011):
Nice ! Cool
Loaf24680 (22 November 2010):
okay Sad
RED JUMPERS (28 August 2010):
Red jumper august 2010
Opra cool Cool
RED JUMPERS (28 August 2010):
red jumper 28 august 2010
SAtersfiying Hmm...
123PES MATES (25 July 2010):
NICE GAME Clap hands
ricky star (25 June 2010):
i beat usa haaa
peterboy10 (23 June 2010):
this game is stupid because its slow Sad
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