Simple Soccer Championship

The aim is to score more goals than your opponent. Click and drag anywhere to aim and adjust power, then release the mouse button. You don't have to have the ball in order to do that! It's amazing how it's simple and great!

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derek2007 (22 February 2015):
good game won intill i got to final
usman-neymar10 (24 December 2014):
0/10 because all players are not Baby's Hmm...
thegreat17890 (24 October 2014):
i alweas win 5-0 XD spelled wrong
footballlover2 (24 August 2014):
I was Germany.
Germany and Ireland 7 points.
16:2-0 Uruguay
8:1-0 South Africa
4:0-1 Brazil I accidentally scored own
goal when i was trying to clear. Sad
pele10 (10 June 2014):
i scored a volley from outside the box against Italy Happy  Happy
mohammad arquam2 (7 June 2014):
very bad game Sad  Sad
goalkeeper master 111 (24 May 2014):
i lost final with spain with 40576 points Clap hands
EvertonRocks123 (24 May 2014):
it went to 4 golden goals in the final and i almost did not win                 YAY Wave
robotboy1820 (23 May 2014):
its a pretty easy game Wave
weedaza7 (16 May 2014):
this game is too

awsomeray6 (9 March 2014):
AWESOME!!!  Happy  Clap hands  score:28,... champion with Germany                                      
Gofootballforever (2 March 2014):
I was Spain 9 Italy 8 good game Happy
hazzard10 (22 February 2014):
argentina is the worse. brizal is the best
Hmm...  @
roccored (9 February 2014):
SO EASY LETS GO ITALY Clap hands  Cool
hazzard10 (8 February 2014):
i won all me matches except the final
hazzard10 (8 February 2014):
i won the fist match 1-0 i lost the second match2-1
bigyoshifan (1 February 2014):
i won on hard and i got 332068 points
Tooty12345678 (31 March 2013):
I won on Hard level and i got 220139 points Happy  Wave  Cool
Tooty12345678 (30 March 2013):
I got 99,420 Wave  Cool  Clap hands
fergus10 (29 March 2013):
On easy I lost the final with Spain
Last 16
Spain 3-2 Poland I was bored so I scored 2 own goals
Quarter Final
Spain 2-1 Italy
Semi Final
Spain 2-1 England
Spain 0-2 France
I got 19978 Points
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