Kings of Rugby

You have 12 penalty kicks to do. Your goal is to mark the best points possible in the shortest play time. Move your mouse to choose the direction then click once on the left mouse button to decide where you want to hit the ball and click a second time to decide the power of your shoot.

Rating: 3.50 (153 votes) 3.50 out of 5
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KINGS OF RUGBY - Comments:
ebie (27 January 2014):
ths game is good gwala nog ebie badboy
frdj (3 May 2013):
worst game ever Sad  Sad
ronlado2013 (3 February 2013):
that was bad
dferdfer (14 December 2012):
awesome game i got 14
ejdj (7 October 2012):
pretty average uh? Hmm...
bradley13 (21 June 2012):
its okay
emannz79 (5 June 2012):
plzzz can i win
emannz79 (5 June 2012):
Clap hands  Clap hands bets game
big2202 (16 May 2012):
worst game ever
ken is the best (29 December 2011):
i got 17 Clap hands
chelseafcguy (19 November 2011):
i take that back its the worst game ever Sad
chelseafcguy (19 November 2011):
its a good game  Hmm...
zuzu (22 May 2011):
brillient game i love rugby! because i play it!
Clash Of Kingdoms (23 April 2011):
Cool  Hmm...
conormacklin (10 April 2011):
moheleven (1 April 2011):
i hate it too haroon66112
idiotic cow (1 January 2011):
weird wind was green power full bottom of ball it missed Sad  Wave
fraser1999 (30 November 2010):
i got 50 beat that
socceroes (28 June 2010):
not that good Hmm...
suli321 (25 June 2010):
crappy  Sad
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