Football Rush

Score the winning touchdown! Use arrow keys to run player. Your guards will follow your steps and will protect you as they can. If any enemy grabs you stroke SPACE frequently to shake these attackers.

Rating: 3.68 (207 votes) 3.68 out of 5
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hockeyguy (14 August 2014):
cant pass level 4 booo :gggrrr
LILJOE (15 February 2014):
cant pass level six
eudes09 (5 March 2013):
i finished lev 2
FOOTY9 (3 December 2012):
stupid game impposible to complete
Sad  Sad
KadenTheMan (13 October 2012):
boring just boring
Xavi Hernandez (23 August 2012):
stupid game Sad
michindon right wing (21 July 2012):
cant get past level 2  Hmm...
jayjay122 (9 July 2012):
its a ok gane Happy  Clap hands
irock32 (5 July 2012):
not a good game Sad  Sad
cameron12 (29 June 2012):
ok this is good game  Clap hands
Arklow united FC (8 February 2012):
TOUCH DOWN Happy Best American Football game eva Clap hands
timmi2000 (24 December 2011):
hey this game is good
mr.gameman (3 December 2011):
whos the highest score?
MiamiDolphins4703 (26 November 2011):
Wave  Wave  Clap hands love this game
CODY129 (21 May 2011):
Calvin Baffoe (22 March 2011):
Why does guy have to hold your but. Sad  Sad
funckychicken (17 February 2011):
this game  is awesome
dino123 (9 January 2011):
cool Happy make another one
samir12 (22 December 2010):
super cool Cool Happy
samir12 (22 December 2010):
super cool
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