Destructo Truck

The aim is to drive your truck off the ramp and and try to cause as much damage as possible. Press the RIGHT arrow key when the light goes green and keep holding RIGHT to keep your foot on the gas. You'll need a couple of updates before you can have any real fun.

Rating: 3.56 (598 votes) 3.56 out of 5
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sparkyLFC (19 December 2014):
this game is so easy and boring
lmlj1000 (27 October 2014):
Great game Cool  Cool
schoolisout89 (13 August 2014):
Gets boring when you youve got all the upgrades Hmm...
minsuper89 (12 August 2014):
this is the best games Clap hands
amazingshaw23 (21 February 2014):
worst game i have ever played Sad
shane11 (19 April 2013):
it not a good game so boring to play  Sad
rooy3008 (10 April 2013):
VERY addicting! Cool
hereiam (22 March 2013):
ok game
cool12 (7 February 2013):
cool crashes Wave
the mexican (31 December 2012):
it is addicting
bob 200 (9 December 2012):
this game is alright Hmm...
jakeshaneaaronsam (8 December 2012):
Its ok Hmm...
rcupeva (8 October 2012):
get's borin after a while Hmm...
ammar098 (28 September 2012):
cool game Happy  Cool  Clap hands
rock (21 September 2012):
good game Cool
gary coen (16 September 2012):
cool  game Clap hands
iflash05 (25 August 2012):
this is cool Cool  Happy  Clap hands
mero19826 (22 August 2012):
i love this        
Sad  Cool  Clap hands
poland2012 (7 August 2012):
I Don't Really Like this Games Sorry
harry7988 (19 July 2012):
i love this Sad   Cool    Clap hands
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