World Cup In Africa

Everybody starts feeling the fever! And it's not the African climate fever, but fever caused by emotions, sport rivalry and World Cup that takes place in this very place - Africa. For this short period of time the arguments and wars diminish and people forget about their problems and just have fun watching soccer matches. Have a look at the boys in the picture and feel this mood just like they do. Let this image and the World Cup put you into action - call the boys and play some nice competitive matches!

Rating: 3.38 (137 votes) 3.38 out of 5
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Shaun Portelli (13 June 2015):
Do you call this a football game?
suarez_2001 (7 April 2013):
this game is class it entertained me for a while's a win win situation Happy
Grand_Adi (22 January 2013):
not a game. colouring book
ChelseaLampard6 (8 September 2012):
KWS They play it in a counrty every time 2014 world cup
KSW (3 September 2012):
I thought they ment you play world cup in africa Sad  Sad  Sad
manchestercity (17 May 2012):
worst game ever Sad
Asda (13 May 2012):
alright could be better Sad
akmal aqim 44 (14 February 2012):
colour only i no like colour ok booo Happy
rirk (7 January 2012):
not a good one
Hershey t kidd (6 January 2012):
its beast Happy
syedburhan (5 January 2012):
hey cool game i end this games
lesco3 (10 December 2011):
i give it 8/10
Jasmithan_10 (22 November 2011):
Superb but i will give it 99.99997%
mandr!ne (11 June 2011):
Clap hands
AsamoahGyan(: (7 June 2011):
Hahah, funny game xD
ronaldo2002 (22 May 2011):
bad and crazy game
Afridi (18 May 2011):
very very very nice game Clap hands  Cool
jakebarber6194 (1 May 2011):
i would give 2 out of ten
Clash Of Kingdoms (23 April 2011):
mikemessi (6 April 2011):
boring Sad  Happy  Sad
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