Penalty Shot Challenge

Penalty Shot Challenge is an aerial view penalty-kick-taking game that is fun and easy to play. Push the spacebar to determine the direction, power, and bend of your kick. Not enough power will result in a squandered opportunity. Two missed attempts are permitted to progress to the next round. Fool the keeper by swerving your kicks in unexpected directions. Each successful shot earns you one hundred points, so put on your Iniesta boots and fire away. The goalkeeper does improve his skills with each round, so you'll need to boot the ball a little harder to continue progressing.

Rating: 3.53 (236 votes) 3.53 out of 5
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Bingo5656 (28 December 2014):
i really love this games  Clap hands
wunpini (24 January 2013):
i find it confsing Hmm...
Patrick55667788 (15 December 2012):
Actually,I not very like this game Sad
JakeW (1 October 2012):
it loks like you are going to score but you miss
0 points every time  Sad but 1 time i got to leval 4
IvegotSWAGG (16 June 2012):
Well Easy
manutd001 (4 February 2012):
2 easy
Diogo123 (2 January 2012):
ronaldo 07 i agree with youoh and i am a fan of ronaldo to
Diogo123 (2 January 2012):
when your game is loading the guy looks like a robot
Diogo123 (2 January 2012):
stupid gameSad i got up to round 35  Clap hands
Luis Suarez@Liverpool (29 December 2011):
It's boring  Sad
hellosmileyface63 (29 December 2011):
really bad game!
aqi786 (25 December 2011):
its a bit weird but good Wave   Wink
Ronaldo 07 (24 December 2011):
an average game  Happy
Manu Lover (24 December 2011):
bloody worst game ever Sad  Sad
wullbissett (19 December 2011):
try and beat round 29  Clap hands  Wave
rooney2001 (19 November 2011):
not bad but little lame  Hmm...
jackclarke (3 June 2011):
Round 16 Easy Pesy! Clap hands  Hmm...
Afridi (1 June 2011):
very hard
puebla (22 May 2011):
its so hard Hmm...
piedude3456 (9 May 2011):
i got 500 Cool
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