Penalty Shot Challenge

Score at least 3 out of 5 to progress to the next round. Use your space bar to select the direction, power and swerve on your kick.

Rating: 3.52 (231 votes) 3.52 out of 5
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Bingo5656 (28 December 2014):
i really love this games  Clap hands
wunpini (24 January 2013):
i find it confsing Hmm...
Patrick55667788 (15 December 2012):
Actually,I not very like this game Sad
JakeW (1 October 2012):
it loks like you are going to score but you miss
0 points every time  Sad but 1 time i got to leval 4
IvegotSWAGG (16 June 2012):
Well Easy
manutd001 (4 February 2012):
2 easy
Diogo123 (2 January 2012):
ronaldo 07 i agree with youoh and i am a fan of ronaldo to
Diogo123 (2 January 2012):
when your game is loading the guy looks like a robot
Diogo123 (2 January 2012):
stupid gameSad i got up to round 35  Clap hands
Luis Suarez@Liverpool (29 December 2011):
It's boring  Sad
hellosmileyface63 (29 December 2011):
really bad game!
aqi786 (25 December 2011):
its a bit weird but good Wave   Wink
Ronaldo 07 (24 December 2011):
an average game  Happy
Manu Lover (24 December 2011):
bloody worst game ever Sad  Sad
wullbissett (19 December 2011):
try and beat round 29  Clap hands  Wave
rooney2001 (19 November 2011):
not bad but little lame  Hmm...
jackclarke (3 June 2011):
Round 16 Easy Pesy! Clap hands  Hmm...
Afridi (1 June 2011):
very hard
puebla (22 May 2011):
its so hard Hmm...
piedude3456 (9 May 2011):
i got 500 Cool
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