Soccer Balls

You'll make Tomas Repka and other red card acquirers seem like officials' best friends as you kick the ball directly at the referee in the game of Soccer Balls. Just click the spot on the gameplay screen where you wish to direct your pass. Aim just right, and you'll hit the official with the ball, earning a red card and advancing you to the next level. Each level gets more difficult. If you see any teammates on the difficult-to-navigate terrain, feel free to send them a pass, and they'll help you angle the ball better to knock that official to his knees.

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SOCCER BALLS - Comments:
SharkKillerGamerBoy (16 July 2020):
Socsus391 (30 January 2020):
The music is funny
coolboomy (24 April 2017):
LOL I hit the refree and it has headlessed!
GG BOOM BALL MOVED SLOWLY GG England Clap hands  Clap hands  Wave
coolboomy (26 November 2016):
Good game lots of refrees were killed Wave  Wave  Wave
ArsenalStar (12 July 2016):
ALL REFS ARE DEAD!!! Wave  Wave  Wave
Dannylarge9 (7 June 2016):
Almessi (6 September 2015):
Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
messi301910 (3 December 2014):
no moe REFS  Cool  Happy  Happy
jared31 (11 November 2014):
improudalgerian (25 October 2014):
Cool good game butt hard LOL
DBoy (17 August 2014):
Need help on level 4
devadarsan (13 June 2014):
I WIN Happy
javierromero10 (22 May 2014):
cool game  Cool  Cool
Ronaldo7777 (11 May 2014):
I am boss at this game Wave  Clap hands
ismailhussain (5 May 2014):
I love this game  Cool  Cool  Cool
BIGSEXY (14 April 2014):
i cant get enough of you Wink
Dannylarge9 (7 April 2014):
i cant get enough of this game!!!  Happy  Cool
mm5212000 (18 March 2014):
<3 this game
mm5212000 (18 March 2014):
this game is beast fam
rooneymanutd22 (21 February 2014):
Red card? More like red face!  Wave
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