Cleat Car

Take to the field in your cleats - your motor vehicle cleats - in the game of Cleat Car. Control a shoe-like car and ram into the other vehicles on the field with the back of your cleat. If you hit them with the front of your cleat, you'll lose health. Collect power-ups and use the spacebar to activate them. The up arrow accelerates you across the field faster than Calvin Johnson, and the down arrow throws your vehicle into reverse. Use the left and right arrows to turn. Wreck the other cars and you'll win the game.

Rating: 3.69 (324 votes) 3.69 out of 5
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CLEAT CAR - Comments:
ko_hankinator (22 March 2015):
Good game! I won 1, lost 2, tied 1 @  Happy
kendallj (30 March 2014):
love the game goind gst knw
roare (21 March 2014):
HULKMASTER (21 April 2013):
good game
zac0mighty_kid (16 March 2013):
i didn't like it sorry  Sad
EPIC (30 December 2012):
this is so cool !
But i keep losing lol  Sad  Clap hands
VAN PERSIE23 (24 November 2012):
i tried my things 0 0 0 and i lost the first thing so do not try it
jayjay122 (9 July 2012):
i like it Happy
superjake124 (26 June 2012):
i don,t like the pink car she smash to hard so smash her
MiamiDolphins4703 (26 May 2012):
WIERD!!! Hmm...  Hmm...
zyon (12 February 2012):
this is good
ben246 (20 December 2011):
it is a not good game Sad
nazirjohnson (5 December 2011):
lol sup friends
Hmm...  Clap hands  Wave
swaggerjagger12 (1 December 2011):
Hmm... i dont get  it    man
Russell (22 May 2011):
this game rules!! Clap hands
Ammaar_09 (14 May 2011):
it looks good  game
Clash Of Kingdoms (1 May 2011):
Very good
flashed (5 February 2011):
im good at this   its like bumper cars
keyshawn101 (20 January 2011):
was up who wanna play me
Rex35 (27 December 2010):
ok but crap Sad
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