Skyline Soccer

Kick the ball to every player on the rooftops. Aim the ball by moving your mouse around the player. Click to kick to the next player.

Rating: 4.18 (846 votes) 4.18 out of 5
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ilyas7728 (19 February 2014):
cool because i won Clap hands
mas22 (19 January 2014):
3500055 was my score
Ambika24 (17 January 2014):
good game Wink  Wave  Cool
mahar (11 May 2013):
i very happy
mahar (11 May 2013):
Clap hands good i number 265567
Jaden118 (6 May 2013):
It's a bit frustrating
angeltorres274 (6 May 2013):
chucho this is a cool game Cool
mw3 (25 April 2013):
i love it
BayernRMManUTDLyon12 (18 April 2013):
Great Game!
ACMilanpato07 (14 April 2013):
100% on trophie score 250300
ACMilanpato07 (14 April 2013):
luv this game awesome music Happy
peteradigun (12 April 2013):
the best game going on Cool  Wink  Happy
rooy3008 (4 April 2013):
awesome music too! Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
rooy3008 (4 April 2013):
fun game Happy
chimpy999 (4 April 2013):
Happy good game
2old4this (2 April 2013):
My score is 3714500
2old4this (2 April 2013):
arsenal are the best i beat ur record so take that back!
2old4this (2 April 2013):
I got a 100% on the trophie! Clap hands  Cool  Wave
wayne rooney1651 (28 March 2013):
completed the game with a score of 3481510
badman2050 (23 March 2013):
this song so much memories of the 2010 world cup i miss i cant wait for the 2014 world cup but 2010 was the best world cup ever
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